Cortadora del grabador del laser del CO2 de Cloudray 40W con área de trabajo de 8” x 12”


Cortadora del grabador del laser del CO2 de Cloudray 40W con área de trabajo de 8” x 12”

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Laser Power


Max.Engraving Speed


Max. Engraving Depth


High-performance Desktop Laser Cutter

The Cloudray 40w engraving machine is a perfect tool for beginners, whether they are individual users or small businesses.
Its user-friendly design makes it easy to operate, allowing newcomers to quickly get started and create their own items.
This cutter features efficient engraving capabilities, enabling fast and precise production, saving users time and effort.

Two-in-one work platform

A two-in-one work platform provides versatility and efficiency by combining two functions or features into one platform.
This innovative design maximizes space utilization, making it ideal for various engraving tasks or environments.

Multifunction laser head

Red dot guidance:
A red dot pointer mounted on the laser head quickly indicates engraving points, marks the machine's path, and identifies positioning sizes, allowing an effortless project setup process.

Digital and Accurate control board

The digital amper emeter and temperature display of the cutter allows for precise control of power and temperature monitoring to ensure engraving quality and prevent overheating, which enhances the longevity of the device and improves the user experience.

Technical Specifications

Laser power: 40 watts

Laser Class: 4

Max. Engraving Speed: 300mm/s

Max. Engraving Depth: 3 mm

Z table: Manual lower or raise 1.6"

Software: LaserDRW k40 whisper

Warrantly:1 year(6 months for tube)

Working area: 12"*8"(300*200mm)

Dimension: 31.5"*20"*10.4"

Net weight: 23kg

Power supply: AC 115V 60Hz

Laser /PC connectivity: USB connect

Os compatibillity: Windows(32/64 bit)

Material Capability

Engraving Cutting
Engraving Cutting
Metal Coating
Stainless Steel

Laser Application

Package Lists

  • 40W Laser Engraver Machine *1
  • 35W Air Compressor *1
  • 15W Water Pump *1
  • Fan With Venting Exhaust Duct *1
  • Power Cord *2
  • USB Cable *1
  • Disc With Software *1

Frequently asked question

The 40W CO2 laser engraving machine is typically used for cutting and engraving materials such as wood, acrylic, leather, fabric, and various non-metallic materials.

Regularly clean the lenses, adjust and calibrate the focal length, and keep both the interior and exterior of the machine clean to maintain its stable performance.

Always be cautious to prevent electric shock, avoid direct exposure of the focusing lens to the eyes, and ensure proper ventilation for a safe working environment.

Ensure the material is flat, adjust the power, speed, and focal length of the machine to match the material type, conduct test cuts to achieve the best results.

Poor cutting results may be due to issues like focal length errors, insufficient power, dirty lenses, or unsuitable materials, requiring a check and adjustment of the relevant parameters.

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