• Common Problems of CO2 Laser Power and Trouble Shooting

    CO2 laser machine is widely applied into laser engraving and cutting. It mainly consists of luminous system, motion system and control system. Today, we introduce the judgment and elimination of CO2 laser power problems. 1. Laser head does not emit light when working First situation, check whether the laser tube itself emits light (examine it in the laser tube light outlet). If the light...
  • Exhibition in 2019

    Exhibition in 2019
    We will attend 3 exhibitions in 2019. The first is in Moscow, at the end of May. But we will attend as a visitor.  The second is in Istanbul this September, our booth number is No. K-52.  The third one is in Mumbai this October. Our booth number is NO.4630.   If you have interest to have a talk, please leave a message. We...
  • Company Team Building

    Company Team Building
    Company team Building in Huangshan Mountain. One of China's top ten historical sites, the national 5A level tourist attraction. A very meaningful team building, painful with happy! O(∩_∩)O
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