Cloud ray 50W Laser-Reinigungs maschine


Cloud ray 50W Laser-Reinigungs maschine

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  • Laser Machine: 2-Year Warranty; Support 30-Day Return, not adapted to customized products

Maschinen merkmale & Vorteile

Laser-Reinigungs maschine ist eine hohe Integration von Reinigungs laser und Industrie roboter. Es besteht haupt sächlich aus Laser-und Laser reinigungs kopf, Kontroll system, Kühler und Zubehör. Es kann eine genaue Reinigung und einfache Bedienung bei der automatischen Reinigung erreichen.

  1. Flexibel und bequem: 8kg; vergleichbar mit A4-Papierformat; kann auf der Schulter getragen werden
  2. Einfach zu bedienendes und stabiles System: Rotlicht fokussierung; 300W Max Laser leistung; Sechs Reinigungs modi; Parameter nach verschiedenen Materialien anpassen
  3. Die Laser reinigungs maschine verwendet einen energie reichen Laserstrahl, um die Oberfläche des Werkstücks zu bestrahlen, um den Schmutz, Rost oder die Beschichtung auf der Oberfläche zu verdampfen oder sofort abzuziehen, wodurch der Reinigungs prozess erreicht wird. Industrielle Schimmel reinigung, Rost-und Lacken tfernung usw.
  4. Laser-Reinigungs maschine kann schnell und schnell gereinigt werden, ohne das Basis material zu beschädigen, und hat eine gute Zugänglich keit.

Anwendung ichNdus tries: Hoch geschwindigkeit sbahn, Luft-und Raumfahrt, Ozean, Automobil, Schimmel, Schiene, Atomkraft, Maschinen, Blech, Elektrizität, kulturelle Relikte usw.

wird bearbeitet DASBjects: Form, Getriebe, Führungs schiene, Kolben, Aluminium legierung, Titan legierung, warm gewalzter Stahl usw.

Zutreffend Fall

1.Machine with the default configuration:CN Warehouse: 7-10 Business Days

((Notification: Customs clearance inspections will cause delays 2-3 days in logistics)

USA/EU Warehouse: 3-7 Business Days

2. Customized Machine (Only Support Shippment From China Warehouse)

The average period of production: 7-10 Business Days

Shipping: 7-10 Business Days

(Notification: Customs clearance inspections will cause delays 2-3 days in logistics)

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Machine Guide

Fiber vs. CO2 vs. UV: Which laser marker should I choose?

Lasers can mark and process a wide variety of products, but there's no one-size-fits-all answer for every application. Fiber, CO2 and UV laser markers perform differently depending on the application and material.

Here's a brief overview of Fiber, CO2 and UV laser technology. We've also included some sample marking videos that highlight the strengths and weaknesses of each system.

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How do I Choose Suitable Laser Marking/Engraving Machine From Cloudray?

Laser part marking technology is becoming more and more important in all realms of manufacturing, from automotive to aerospace and medical industries. This is because of the growing demand from manufacturers and federal regulations to be able to track and trace products ......

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Get to Learn the Components and Maintenance of Laser Marking/Engraving Machine

Today, let's share the basic information concerning the the Components and Maintenance of Laser Marking/Engraving Machine.

Usually, when we want to order the suitable laser machine while there are kinds of different machine for us to choose....

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QS Series: Q-switched pulse laser (large single pulse energy for deep marking)

MP Series: Mopa (Anodized Aluminum Black Marking; Titanium & Stainless Steel Color Marking)

AR Series:2.5D Deep Engraving +Precise Metal Cutting

UV Series: UV lasers provide the most contrast on resins. UV lasers have the added benefit of creating damage-free marks.

EC Series: CO2 lasers burn the target with heat, making them ideal for marking wood, paper, ceramic and transparent targets.

Please email us ( directly to offer us your working material, and the expected effect on those materials by machine with pictures or video.

Yes, they are different. Official website and Cloudray stores on shopping platforms(Amazon/Ebay etc.) are different teams with different machine configurations and offers.

1. We are the Official website, and different from stores on platforms, we don't need to pay extra transaction fees and commissions to shopping platforms, that's why our offer is more affordable.
And We only offer lifetime tech support and marking/engraving parameters, free materials for orders directly on, not adapted to any orders from other sales channels.

2. Different Machine Types and Configurations. The laser machines will be equipped with unique configurations (only for machines on which have high stability and marking efficiency. Support Customization of your laser machine and upgrading solutions if needed.

3. Customer Service Support  We can only offer after-sale service for customers ordered on, not responsible for orders from shopping platforms as we don't have your order information in our system. Please contact the store on platforms to get related support in time.

4. Official Loyal Customers BenefitsWe will run the free trial campaign from time to time for loyal customers who directly ordered on, not adapted to customers from other sales channels. Also, we offer free gifts for customers who ordered during grand festivals.

All product information, policies, and extra offers published on the website are only adapted to orders on, and not adapted to stores on shopping platforms.

1.Machine with the default configuration:
CN Warehouse: 7-10 Business Days
Oversea Warehouse: 3-5 Business Days

2. Customized Machine (Only Support Shippment From China Warehouse)
The average period of production: 7-10 Business Days
Shipping: 7-10 Business Days
(Notification: Customs clearance inspections will cause delays 2-3 days in logistics)

The machine has 2 years guarantee. If it breaks down, generally speaking, our technician will figure out what the problem may be, according to clients’ feedback. Parts except for consumable parts will be replaced for free if the problems are caused by quality faults. Even if the machine is beyond the warranty, we can still offer technical assistance as your order is placed on

Lifetime Tech Support

1. Only offers free lifetime tech support via remote connecting (email or phone) to customers on

2. And even after the warranty period, we still offer tech support and will provide a quote for the necessary parts and repairs at a high-discounted price.

Tech Specialists Support

1. Only Customers who once ordered on have the chance to get free Tech Specialists Support.

2.For urgent demands on complex tech support, we will arrange for Specialists to assist you via remote operation or phone call directly.

Free Trial of New Products

Customers ordered directly on will have the chance to join in Cloudray Monthly Free Trial Campaign ( Take new products for free trial )

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