Cloudray Laser Marking/Engraving Test

Cloudray laser engraver machines can be used on a wide variety of materials like metal, acrylic, fabric, glass, leather, rubber, stone, wood and many more. Whether you're an entrepreneur with a startup business or a well established company, Cloudray Laser's engraving, cutting and marking machines can provide a wide variety of opportunities to help you build your business and increase your profits. The following are the products of the cloudray laser engraving test.

Notification: All marking/engraving tests are operated by a machine from Cloudray official website ( configurations listed on the product page).

Check our FAQ before your purchase if you have some normal questions about how to choose the correct machine.

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QS Series Engraver

QS series engravers equip with Raycus Q-swith pulsed laser which usually has a small frequency range from 50 to 100khz.
And its pulse width is fixed,so its processing effect on certain materials is not as good as JPT mopa laser like color marking.
So we divide QS series into 30w and 50w, and define it as the best choice for common marking and engraving, and is suitable for deep engravings below 1mm.

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Aluminum Block

Bar code on plastics

Heat Sink

Extra Heavy Duty Switch

Slate Coasters

MP Series Engraver

Upgrading to JPT Mopa laser, MP series engravers power up to 60Watt and features adjustable pulse width and frequency.
So it's more diverse in designing and processing materials like precison marking.
Generally speaking,small pulse width is suitable for marking sensitive plastics and black marking, medium pulse width is suitable for precise & color marking,large pulse width is suitable for deep engraving.

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Photo Marking

cloudray official color marking test

Stainless Steel Color Marking

Stainless Steel Color Marking

Anodized Aluminum Black Marking

Anodized aluminum CE plaque

Black Acrylic Sheet

GM Series Engraver

Baesd on MP series's precision and accurate, we configure a HD carema in it which compatible with Lightburn/Ezcad.
The upgrade of 100W power laser greatly improves its engraving and cutting performance that you can easily handle materials with a thickness of about 3mm.

2mm Depth - Brass Coin

3mm Depth - Brass Coin

Color Marking

AR Series Engraver

On the same level as GM series which focuses more on optimizing precision for flat engraving, while AR series emphasizes processing irregular surfaces to create a three-dimensional effect.
With the help of Ezcad3 software, you can realize various editing functions such as multi-layer and 3D curve marking for processed items.
So you can achieve more sophisticated processing and more complex process design for items.

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Engraving & Cutting on Metal (brass)

Cutting Metal (brass)

Aluminum Block

Galvanized Sheet

Aluminum Block

Brass Coin

EC Series Engraver

EC series engraver is the ideal solution for engrave materials that fiber laser or UV laser can't engrave. Most of these materials are non-metal materials like wood, fruits, garments, leather, some plastics and others.
Compared with traditional CO2 cutting machines, with the help of high-speed galvanometer system, it can achieve clearer and faster engraving effects.

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Red paper jam

Jewelry Box

Greeting Cards (Paper)

wooden coaster


LED Acrylic Night Light

UV Series Engraver

UV series engravers have a wider range of material adaptability, from plastics to metals crossing materials like wood or paper.
Due to the characteristics of UV laser itself (high energy density, less thermal impact, etc.), almost all plastics and other non-metallic materials can be engraved with UV laser to achieve ideal results.

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Plastic label

Leather phone case


Plastic Nameplate


Tree leaf