CF Series: New Cloudray Integrated Control Card, Touchscreen
AR Series: 2.5D JPT M7 engraving machine, EZCAD3
MP Series: Mopa Laser (Anodized Aluminum Black Marking; Titanium & Stainless Steel Color Marking )
QS Series: Q-switched pulse laser (large single pulse energy for deep marking)

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Laser Application

Popular materials and industries where laser systems shine. Explore all types of engraving and cutting work.

Cloudray Laser

Offer Laser Solutions and Laser Machine Upgrade /Customize Program.

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Lifetime Tech Support

1. Only offers free lifetime tech support via remote connecting (email or phone) to customers on

2. And even after the warranty period, we still offer tech support and will provide a quote for the necessary parts and repairs at a high-discounted price.

Tech Specialists Support

1. Only Customers who once ordered on have the chance to get free Tech Specialists Support.

2. If you met complex trouble with your machine and can't judge where the problem is by yourself and have urgent demands on tech support, we will arrange for Specialists to assist you via remote operation or phone call directly.

Cloudray Forum and group

1. Only Customers who ordered directly on can join Cloudray official forum and Facebook group to get information on cloudray latest updates on the laser machine systems and products.

2. Chance to join in Cloudray Free Trial of New Products.

Cloudray Tech Support Experts


He is a retired engineer who has been working closely with Cloudray for about 6 years.

He is highly professional yet extremely humble. He thinks that he is just a man that "plays" in his cave with many different laser machines ( glass tube, RF, Q switch and MOPA fiber) trying to understand the deepest secrets of this laser technology.

He cooperate with Cloudray to create Cloudray first self-designed Laser Cutting Machine which named with " Russ " Series. And offer Cloudray Customers free tech support in this series of machines.

Travis Good

He is a maker with a strong interest in education, community, and digital fabrication. He has started and run maker spaces, lead a STEM education nonprofit, and conducted four Maker Faires.

Laser Solution is one of his hobbies, he shows great interest in creating more wonderful woodworks with a laser machine. With many years of working experience in this, he is familiar with the working principle and application, and is glad to share his new discoveries in laser solutions all the time.


He is a supplier of Co2 Laser machines, parts, and accessories.

He provides training and Co2 Laser repairs and support, with an onsite service Australia-wide. And for international English-speaking customers, Matthew also provides remote video call support worldwide.

He also provides laser cutting and engraving services from their factory in SE Melbourne. And also assist Cloudray to offer Cloudray customers related solutions in CO2 accessories and parts now.