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    100W is our high-recommended watt for 2.5d engraving and metal cutting after testing different watts, High-Efficient and has enough power for detailed engraving and metal cutting without no damage or distortion. (as it is equipped with unique galvanometers and F-theta which is different from the common series, more precise and efficient)

    If you work on exquisite metal works, we highly recommend this configuration.
    What's more, it can also do some rust removal in a small area, but we don't recommend customers use this function for professional requests as it is strict with parameters due to the different components of materials. Incorrect operation may lead to some damage to your material.
    If you want the machine for professional cleaning, please choose our Laser Cleaning Machine.

    This is the Customized Products with high-quality, please consult us ( concerning more details before your purchase.
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