What can I engrave?

Suitability of the machine depends on the type of laser fitted, please speak to us for more details.

At Cloudray we appreciate how important it is to correctly specify a laser engraving machine, especially for commercial and industrial users. That’s why we balance each design of our laser engraving machines with careful consideration for Functionality, Affordability, and Reliability.

Whether your job is to mark several thousand names, serial IDs, or codes or a few highly complex designs for high-value items like jewelry we can provide the best laser engraver for you. We boast a range that spans most laser technology, from UV to CO2 and MOPA fiber laser engraver machines.
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    Cloudray EC-30 LiteMarker 30W Split Laser Engraver CO2 Лазерная маркировочная машина с рабочей зоной 110 * 110 мм
    $ 3,399.00 USD