Get to Learn the Components and Maintenance of Laser Marking/Engraving Machine

Today, let's share the basic information concerning the the Components and Maintenance of Laser Marking/Engraving Machine.

Usually, when we want to order the suitable laser machine while there are kinds of different machine for us to choose, we may have no idea to judge which one will be better for us, and consult the salesman the difference of different machine.

A common way to know about any machine is to look for parameters that judge its functions and sometimes its aesthetics. For example, when getting a laser marking machine, you will likely look for parameters such as power output, marking speed, size, etc.

These parameters come from the properties of the components of the laser marking machine. As a result, knowing about the components has more advantages. For example, it can help replace malfunctioning or worn-out laser marker components. We will introduce the most common components in all laser marking machines and how to maintain them.


 1. Galvo System  

Galvo directly affect the marking speed of laser machine. Choose a better high-speed galvanometer; under normal circumstances, the scanning speed of the galvanometer can reach 3000mm/s, but a better high-speed galvanometer can scan tens of thousands of times per second. In addition, when using ordinary galvanometers to mark small graphics or fonts, deformation is easy to occur, and the effect must be guaranteed by reducing the scanning speed. 


2. Laser Source

The laser generator is responsible for generating the laser beam; hence it is the core of how a laser marking machine works. It is the engine of any laser marking machine and the most expensive component on the list.

Laser generators are majorly fiber or CO2 lasers. However, other types differ in their features, such as YAG lasers. Furthermore, many brands include JPT, IPG, Max, and Raycus. Each one has its uniqueness. For example, JPT laser sources works based on the MOPA technology, are compatible with many materials and have high flexibility.


3. Control Card & Software

The marking software is the machine’s brain, responsible for controlling the marking operation. Currently, there is much software for laser marking machines. For example, some laser markers have independently developed software while others use conventional software such as EzCard. Each software has a display unit through which the machine is controlled. Ensure the display unit is devoid of liquids and cleaned with dry, clean, and soft cloth.


Maintenance Tips Of Fiber Laser Marking Machine

Maintaining a laser marking machine can be challenging. Therefore, before you choose to send the machine to a maintenance/servicing company, you can try the following maintenance tips

  • Keep the machine away from strong magnetic, electric, and tremor items.
  • Clean the lens with a soft cloth and little amount of alcohol and wipe unidirectionally
  • Blow the air duct and the circuit board using an air gun
  • Ensure that the machine’s grounding is secure
  • If the machine has moving parts, add lubricating oil to the moving parts
  • Always ensure that the software settings don’t change before each use
  • Clean other parts of the laser marking machine with a clean rag
  • Turn off the laser power before you shut down the software
  • Replace the cooling water with the recommended purified/distilled water below 35 °C.

When using fiber laser marking machine, if we want to make the equipment working stable and last longer, we need to clean and maintain it regularly.

1. Ensure the air circulation around the laser marking machine to avoid the problem of aging of the line caused by overheating of the equipment.

2. Do not move the equipment when it is working, there is a risk of damage to the equipment;

3. Ensure the supply voltage is stable, when the equipment fails, you need to cut off the power in time to prevent the damage to the laser source or other components;

4.When the work is completed, install the cover of the lens to prevent dust contaminating. When the equipment is not used for a long time, please cover it and cut off the main power;

5.Clean the lens regularly, the lens cleaning method is to invade the cotton swab or lens paper into the absolute ethanol, gently scrub the surface of the lens;

6. If the workpiece engaged in marking will cause dust (such as metal deep carving), it is better to equip with dust collector.

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