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3.We offer unique configurations of laser engraver machine which is more stable and high-efficient than normal.  


Works of Cloudray Official Marking/Engraving Test 

Tested by Cloudray Official Laser Machinewith unique configuraions (high-effencient galvo system only supported in, not available in cloudray store on any shopping platforms)


Order any cloudray laser machine on official site, free materials package automatically added in your cart and we offer marking/engraving/cutting parameters for reference.

QS-50 LiteMarker 50-W-Split-Lasergravur-Fasermarkiermaschine mit 7,9" x 7,9"/ 11,8" x 11,8" Arbeitsbereich
Von $ 3,349.00 USD
50W Raycus Laser Engraving Marking Machine
QS-50 ProMarker-W 50 W Kabinetttyp Geschlossener Lasergravierer Faserlaser-Markiermaschine
Von $ 3,949.00 USD
QS-50 UltraMarker-G 50W Lasergravur-Fasermarkiermaschine
Sonderpreis $ 3,999.00 USD Normaler Preis $ 4,599.00 USD
MP-60 LiteMarker 60-W-Split-Lasergravur-Fasermarkiermaschine mit 11,8 "x 11,8" Arbeitsbereich
Von $ 5,549.00 USD
MP-20 LiteMarker 20W Split Laser Engraver Fiber Marking Machine With 4.3” X 4.3” Working Area
MP-20 LiteMarker 20-W-Split-Lasergravur-Fasermarkiermaschine mit 4,3 "x 4,3" Arbeitsbereich
Von $ 3,299.00 USD
AR-100 LiteMarker 100 W Split 2.5D Lasergravierer EZCAD3 Fasermarkiermaschine mit 4,3" x 4,3" Arbeitsbereich
Von $ 8,999.00 USD
Cloudray 3W 5W UV Laser Engraving Marking Machine With Water Chiller
Cloudray 3W 5W UV Laser Engraving Marking Machine With Water Chiller
Von $ 8,049.00 USD
Cloudray EC-30 LiteMarker 30 W Split-Lasergravierer CO2-Laser-Markierungsmaschine mit 110 * 110 mm Arbeitsbereich
$ 3,399.00 USD
How do I Choose Suitable Laser Marking/Engraving Machine From Cloudray?

Laser part marking technology is becoming more and more important in all realms of manufacturing, from automotive to aerospace and medical industries. This is because of the growing demand from manufacturers and federal regulations to be able to track and trace products ......

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Get to Learn the Components and Maintenance of Laser Marking/Engraving Machine

Today, let's share the basic information concerning the the Components and Maintenance of Laser Marking/Engraving Machine.

Usually, when we want to order the suitable laser machine while there are kinds of different machine for us to choose....

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DIY with Cloudray Laser Machine

With the increased availability of user-friendly laser systems,people all over the world have transformed their simple idea or hobby into a successful business. In fact, many entrepreneurs run their businesses from the comfort of their homes. If you have an appreciation for craftsmanship, enjoy working with a broad range......

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