Laser Engraving Rings

Project Settings

Machine Used: MP-60
Rotary Used: D69
Software: Lightburn

Ring Information

Inside Diameter: 21.95mm
Outer Diamater: 25.73mm
Height: 6mm


Prepare the Artwork

Before engraving your rings, be sure to learn how to use the rotary attachment.
If not, please refer the video here.

Then measure the rings and customizing your artwork as necessary, you will set the object diameter in the Lightburn when using the rotary. 

You can engrave the outer surface and inner surface of the ring separately by changing the fixed method of the chuck.

The outer surface

First,choose the chuck rotary type and enable rotary, then set the rotary setteings for engraving outer surface, we use 25.73mm object diameter,12800 steps per rotation.

The inner surface

set the rotary setteings for engraving inner surface, we use 21.95mm object diameter,12800 steps per rotation.

For attention, you need to raise the chuck at an angle to make sure the laser appears on the inner surface of the ring. We raised the chuck by 30 degrees.

 Determine your laser parameters

Test different speed/power/frequency settings for your rings. We used 1000 speed, 100% power, and 200 frequency on MP-60.

We just make some words as a test, you can import your drawings for your artwork.

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