Laser Engraving on Double Head Plastic and Rubber Hammer

Whether you are doing DIY or cooking at home, metal utensils are always indispensable. Add a personal touch to these tools with a logo, name, or a creative quote. Laser engraving metal cooking utensils (or any metal tool!) is a fast and easy customization offering to add to your product lineup!


Project Settings

Machine Used: MP-60
Software: Lightburn


Prepare the Artwork

You can easily edit your favorite words or pictures through lightburn, Just do several parameter tests before formally engraving your metalware to ensure satisfactory results

Just a refer, When using a metal marking compound, start with low speed and high power settings.

speed: 2200
frequency: 400


Send to the Laser

Before you start the laser wokring, just make sure the laser focused and the engraved pictures appeared in the correct position on items.

Once your graphic is finished engraving, rinse off the marking compound with water and you are ready to use or gift your new custom metal utensils!

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