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Fiber Laser Training

1.Machine use tutorial for beginners-Click here

2.How to use rotary axis-Click here

3.How to install the V2 driver-Click here

4.Tutorial for JCZ driver uninstallation and installation-Click here

5.How to change JCZ control card-Click here

6.How to adjust the focal length-Click here

7.Galvo scanner head replacement-Click here

8. Laser power supply replacement-Click here

9.Rotary attachment user instruction-Click here

10.D80 rotary installation and use +copper bracelet marking-Click here

11. How to change fiber laser-Click here

12.How to change F-theta lens-Click here

13.How to replace galvo scanner head power supply-Click here

14.Solution to laser beam weak-Click here

15.How to choose the correct laser rotary attachment?-Click here

16.Laser Engraving Machine Troubleshooting Manuals-Click here

17.Parameter adjustment after replacing F-theta lens-Click here

CO2 Laser Training

1.How to clean the laser lens and mirrors?-Click here

2.How to choose the correct focus lens for laser cutting machine?-Click here

3.How to Align your CO2 Laser Beam for laser cutting machine-Click here

4.Laser air assist is an integral part of laser cutting machines-Click here

5.Glass vs Metal CO2 Laser Tubes-Click here

6.CNC Router Machine vs. Laser Engraver Machine: Which is Best for You?-Click here

7.Common Problems of CO2 Laser Power and Trouble Shooting-Click here

8.Maximizing the Return on Investment of Your Laser Cutter-Click here

9.LASER ROTARY ATTACHMENTS - Chuck Rotary Axis - Configuration, Settings - CNC Rotary Axis-Click here

10.Chuck vs Roller Rotary Axis-Click here

11.Wheel Rotary Axis - Software Config-Click here

12.SPT TR series laser tube coaxial red light adjustment-Click here

13.Outer Slide Rail Installation-Click here

14.Linear guide rail installation Video(C Series Metal Parts)-Click here

Cloudray Training

1.Some Tips for buying a laser engraving/cutting machine-Click here

2.Get to Learn the Components and Maintenance of Laser Marking/Engraving Machine-Click here

3.How do I Choose Suitable Laser Marking/Engraving Machine From Cloudray?-Click here

4.Fiber vs. CO2 vs. UV: Which laser marker should I choose?-Click here

5.MOPA Fiber Laser VS Q-switched Fiber Laser-Click here

6.Marking speed comparision of 30w/50w fiber laser-Click here

7.Marking speed comparision og 30w/50w/60w fiber laser-Click here

8.Cutting speed comparision of 50w/60w fiber laser-Click here

9.Cutting speed comparision of 50w/60w/100w fiber laser-Click here

10.Cloudray EC series 40w 60w 3d co2 dynamicmarker marking machine-Click here

11.CF series tutorial: import edited file & text fonts into U disk & replace display-Click here to replace cloudray integrated control card to JCZ control card-Click here

Lightburn Training

1.Tutorial for installing lightburn-Click here

2.Lightburn tutorial-how to set steps per rotation of rotary axis-Click here

3.Lightburn tutorial-how to load COR file-Click here

4.Lightburn tutorial-how to add jcz device to lightburn software-Click here

Ezcad 2 & 3 Training

1.Ezcad tutorial-how to select parameters from param library-Click here

2.Ezcad tutorial-how to add new parameters to param library-Click here

3.Ezcad tutorial-9 pt ezcad calibration-Click here

4.Most Commen Laser Engraver Problems and Solutions for EZCAD2-Click here

5.Ezcad3 tutorial video:how to do deep relief marking-Click here

6.Ezcad3 tutoral video: adjust the parameters after replacing the F-theta lens-Click here

7.Ezcad3 tutoral video: Deep engraving-Click here

8.Ezcad3 tutoral video: how to do ordinary plane laser engraving-Click here

9.Ezcad3 tutoral video: how to use rotary attachment-Click here

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