Cloudray II-VI CVD ZnSe CO2 Laser Focus Lens

SKU: 26FL05D20F76
Cloudray II-VI CVD ZnSe CO2 Laser Focus Lens
Cloudray II-VI CVD ZnSe CO2 Laser Focus Lens
Cloudray II-VI CVD ZnSe CO2 Laser Focus Lens
Cloudray II-VI CVD ZnSe CO2 Laser Focus Lens
Cloudray II-VI CVD ZnSe CO2 Laser Focus Lens
Cloudray II-VI CVD ZnSe CO2 Laser Focus Lens

Cloudray II-VI CVD ZnSe CO2 Laser Focus Lens

SKU: 26FL05D20F76
Focal Length
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II-VI Focusing Lens — USA CVD ZnSe

Meniscus lenses are designed to minimize spherical aberration producing a minimum focal spot size for incoming collimated light.
II-VI Infrared is the world leader in laser optics, delivering an unbeatable combination of innovation, quality, and expertise.
II-VI Infrared also delivers the largest vertically integrated CO2 laser optics manufacturing process -- from raw materials to finished coated products -- in the world.

Product Structure


 High-quality ZnSe crystal

USA CVD ZnSe material

Up to 300W CO2 laser resistance
High precision process

Precise sling, polishing, grinding processes

High temperature, laser resistance
High Transmittance 99.5%

High quality material and exquisite coating reduce the loss of laser
Superb Coating Process

Doble-sided solid coating Wipeing resistance extended durability

Product Size

Laser Path

How to determine focal length









Plano convex

Plano convex

Plano convex




Plano convex





Material: USA CVDZnSe 



Diameter Tolerance:±0.1mm 


Focus Length Toleance:±2% 


Clear Aperture(Polished)>90% 

AR CoatingReflectivity<0.3%


Cloudray Test Process

Clean instructions

1.Use an air bulb to blow off any loose contaminants. (dust, lint particles)
2.Squeeze a few drops of acetone onto the lens tissue, wetting the complete optic's diameter. (smudges, fingerprints)
3.Using the cotton swab and distilled vinegar, wipe the lens. Immediately use a wet cotton swab to remove any acetic acid, then clean with a clean dry cotton swab. (spittle, oils)


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