Order to Win


All customers who order in Cloudray 8th anniversary sale season (2024.4-2024.6) will be eligible to participate

Sweepstake Regulation

  • When you order during the Cloudray anniversary period, you will automatically be eligible for sweepstake. You can also submit the sweepstake form below.
  • All winners will be notified by email on July 1st.
  • Cloudray official customer service will inform winners one by one about the specific way of receiving prize.
  • The discount code corresponding to the 5th prize ($100 cash coupon with no limit) will be sent to the winner's email.
Prize 1

Laser Cutter

High-Power CO2 Laser Engravers — known for potent laser beams with heavy-duty cutting ability and professional precision.

Free Trial

Are you interested in Cloudray Products? If you don't win the sweepstake, you can participate in this free trial.

1. Fill in Free Trial Application Form (Download)
2. Email us at Cloudray Office , application form attached to that email.
3. The lucky customers are required to offer Free Trial Report ( Download) within 2 weeks when you receive the products.
4. We offer free products for the free trial and you don’t need to return it back. However, you need to take over the related shipping fee by yourself.
5. For high-valued products, it is required to pay the related security deposit if the free trial product’s value is over $500.

20W Diode Laser Head

Protective Cover

Smoke Purifier Fume Extraction System

CO2 Laser Cutting Machine