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Bundle For Sale Cloudray 20W 30W 50W Litemarker Fiber Laser Engraver Marking Machine With Protective Cover

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Laser Machine
$ 2,390.00 USD
Laser :
Power :
Working Area :
$ 4,128.00 USD

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Software Download

Software Download

Ruida Controller

1.RDWorksV8Setup8.01.54 (for Ruida Controller)
2.Ruida RDC6445G Manual
3.Ruida Software RDVisionSetup—V2.00.07 (CCD)
4.Ruida RDC6442G/S Manual
5.Ruida RDC6432 Manual
6.Ruida RDC6432G Wiring Diagram
7.Ruida RDC5121 Manual
8.Ruida RDLC320 Software Encrytion Fuction Manual
9.Ruida RDLC320 V5 software Manual
10.Ruida USB Driver
11.Ruida Software RdVisionWorksSetup1.00.50 (Canon Camera)
12.Ruida Software MetalCut—V1.00.16

BJJCZ Controller

1.Ezcad 2.10 software Manual
2.Ezcad Lite 2.14.16 Software for Marking
3.BJJCZ USB Driver
5.BJJCZ LMCV4-Digit-M Manual
6.BJJCZ FBLMCB-V4 Standard Manual
7.EZCAD3 software
8.EZCAD3 User Manual

Trocen Controller

1.Trocen Software LaserCAD LaserCAD V8.11.18
2.Trocen Software TROCEN CCD V(2.0.35)
3.AWCTool V13 (Used to Sync Time)
4.Trocen LaserCAD User Manual
5.Trocen AWCTool Manual
6.Trocen TroCutCAD User Manual V1.5

Laser Machine

1.Litemarker User Guide
2.CR Series Laser Cutting Machine User Guide
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*Attention:  Due to the local customs policy, we are unable to ship to Germany directly, hope you could understand. Please contact us ( if have specific request.
Cloudray Official ( Exclusive Offer:
1.Marking/Engraving parameters Available
2.Long-term Tech Support
3.Dedicated Customer Support
Notice: All exclusive offers will be only applied to orders on your products are purchased through other third-party platforms, we will not be responsible for your order.
Brand Features:
Two-Year Warranty. Offer customer and technical support. 
♦Support Product Customization.
♦High Configuration. Multi Laser Source options: JPT/ RAYCUS.  Software Supported: EZCAD2 Lite. Control Card: BJJCZ.
♦Marking on Metal & Non-Metal Materials. Marking on various metals like Aluminum, Stainless Steel, Brass, Copper, etc. Also some of the nonmetal such as nylon, light button, ABS, PVC, PES, etc.
♦High Marking Speed. Imported laser Galvo system makes the marking speed up to 5m/s; Re-position precision is 0.002mm; High-Rate of Electrical-Optical Conversion: up to 70%.
♦FDA Compliant & CE Certification.

Lift Table 500mm 500mm 500mm 500mm 500mm 800mm
Laser Machine Height 685mm 685mm 685mm 685mm 685mm 935mm
Working Area 110*110mm 150*150mm 175*175mm 200*200mm 220*220mm 300*300mm

1.Cloudray LiteMarker Fiber Marking Machine Product display:

2.Litemarker Laser Marking Machine Unboxing demo:

3.Beginner's Guide EZCAD2 Software Tutorial : Overview of Software Functions:

4.EZCAD2 Driver Uninstall and Driver Installation: 

5.Rotary shaft installation: