Xtool D1 Laserbox Startup Laserbox Pro Laserbox Rotary
Laser type Diode CO₂ CO₂ CO₂
Laser power 5W/10W 40W 40W 40W
Working area 17'' x 16'' 19.69'' x 11.81'' 19.69'' x 11.81'' 19.69'' x 11.81''
Max. cutting speed 160mm/s 350mm/s 350mm/s 350mm/s
Max. cutting thickness(eg. Basswood) 4mm/6mm 15mm 15mm 15mm
Laser focus mode Manual Setting Auto-focus AI Auto-focus AI Auto-focus
Software compatibility Win/Mac/Android/iOS Win/Mac Win/Mac Win/Mac
Connection mode USB/WiFi USB/WiFi/Ethernet USB/WiFi/Ethernet USB/WiFi/Ethernet

Meet xTool D1 


What can you do with xTool Laserbox D1?


Flat Engraving Flat Cutting

Rotary engraving


Explore what's possible

Better Mechanical Design Increases Accuracy

Industrialized steel wheel&shaft.With professional motion structure design, we adopt industrialized steel for both axle and wheel, making it up to 160mm/s motion speed more accurately.


Higher accurate  Tension wheel & Synchronous belt

By tightening the synchronous belt with the tension wheel adjuster, the movement gap is well eliminated, the machine vibration is reduced and the movement stability is improved, so that the engraving remains accurate even at high processing speeds.


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