Cloudray Tech Partner Recruitment

                                                                      CloudrayTech Partner Recruiment

Hi, thanks for your interest in Cloudray Products. We sincerely invite you can join our Tech Partner Program.


1. Own Cloudray Laser Machine

2. Familiar with Cloudray Laser Machine, used our machine for at least 6 months already, can independently deal with easy machine malfunction.

3. Own a workshop for displaying Cloudray Machine if needed for coming customers from Cloudray

4. Can offer marking/engraving Test if possible for Cloudray Potential Customers

5. Can introduce Cloudray Machine to Potential Customers who visit your workshop


1. You can join our affiliate program to win commission, any customers who ordered with your recommendation or your testing service.

2. Enjoy at least $1000 free Cloudray Products each year

3. Cloudray self-designed Gifts for Anniversary and Christmas Gifts

4. Enjoy the opportunity of the free trial of Cloudray New Products.