Galvo Laser Engraving Accessories

Upgrade your laser with new accessories including lenses, rotary attachments, and more.

Laser Accessories

Like any machine, galvo laser engraving machines need accessories for smoother replacements during maintenance and repair. As a result, you can say that laser accessories are crucial in ensuring constant/improvement in the operation of lasers.

Galvo Laser Engraving

High-quality parts and components

Cloudray galvo laser engraving machine can engrave or mark on varieties of metal, including deep engraving, polished white marks, and deep black annealed etching. Project setup is fast and easy using Lightburn or Ezcad. Cloudray galvo laser uses high-quality parts and components, producing outstanding metal engraving works.


Take an in-depth look at Cloudray Galvo laser engraving machine.

Galvo Laser Engraving Machine Accessories

F-theta Lens

The ability to switch to a larger or smaller marking field isn't a pricey add-on. From F63 to F420, giving you more options to achieve perfect engraving results on your materials.

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Laser Rotary Attachment

When the rotary engraving attachment is inserted, you can use your laser to process tumblers, cups, vases and bottles of various sizes and diameters.

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Fume Extraction System

Consider operating within a confined space, you need exhaust fumes out a room—remove virtually ANY laser processing smells and odors.

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Design Software

You aren’t forced to use a proprietary design software program. Virtually all design file formats can be used. Lightburn or Ezcad is just for your like.

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Fixture Plate

A built-in, fixture plate allows you to create your own fixtures that are ideal for your materials and attach them to the engraving table quickly and easily.

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Laser Safety Glasses

OD6+, VLT: 30%; Just protect your eyes from laser damage. Follow your preferences, varieties of shape designs for you to choose.

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Protective Cover

Make Lasers Work in Confined Spaces avoiding any laser damage. Transparent acrylic board allow you to see the working process of lasers.

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Machine Cabinet

Long-term work cannot avoid damage to the cabinet. Changing a new cabinet can ensure the safe operation of machines.

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