Most Commen Laser Engraver Problems and Solutions for EZCAD2

We have laser engraving machines with different technologies, and here you can learn how to use this software and install it. EZcad laser software is the most popular interface for laser hardware worldwide. Perhaps it is not the most indicated for industrial purposes, but it perfectly fits the common laser application. With a large community on the internet, EZcad software will always have an answer to any question you have about it.

1.What's wrong with the prompt "can not open correct file" after opening the Ezcad?

It is because there is no correction file and the “Use the correction file” in the F3 parameter is checked. If there is a correction file, please select the correct path; if there is no one, you can leave “Use the correction file” unchecked.

ezcad Can not open correct file

2.How to solve the problem that the line are not straight when marking the grid?

marking lines of grid

There may be a coordinate problem with the galvo correction.

3.How to set to repeat marking twice by pressing F2 once?

Because it is a 20W laser marking machine, it is a little bit not clear enough, so I will mark twice. But I have to press F2 twice every time. Is there a setting method that it will automatically mark twice by pressing it directly?

If the power is not enough, you can increase the frequency and reduce the speed to increase the depth of marking.

If it is essential to mark twice at a time, you can check key F3 Parameters – Other  Auto reset mark count, and exit to change the Total number to 2 in the marking column.

4.After the driver is installed, the ezcad software still prompts that the dongle can't be found?

Win10 64-bit, the driver installation has been displayed, but the software prompts that the dongle cannot be found, what should I do?
First, the marking board does not require an external dongle. Then check the followings:
1. There is a mismatch between the driver, board, and software. Try changing the software version.
2. Check whether the marking board is genuine and whether its specific model supports the corresponding computer system.
3. After confirming that the laser has been started, check whether the connection between the laser and the board is loose or not in good contact. Or just try another wire.

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