How to choose the correct laser rotary attachment?

When you turn your attention to engraving ideas from flat objects such as wallets and mobile phone cases to round objects such as wine bottles and water glasses, you will soon buy a laser rotary attachment.

The rotary attachment is a device that plugs into the laser and allows you to engrave on rounded objects. The laser only fires straight down, so it normally cannot engrave along the sides and bottom of an object. However, the rotary slowly revolves the object as the laser fires, allowing you to engrave around the entire object.

Currently, cloudray has two general designs:

1.Chuck type rotary: Fasten the object by the chuck, and the maximum diameter is 145mm.
2.Roller type rotary: Place the object directly on the drum, the motor drives the pulley to rotate, and then drives the drum
to engrave the object. And the maximum length of round objects is 400mm.

Considering that engraving different round objects requires different laser rotary attachment, you need to consider the following factors when choosing:

1.The height of the machine column

The height of the column determines the type of laser rotary used with the machine and also determines the height of the workpiece that can be engraved.

2.Workpiece height

After placing the laser rotary on the working table of machine, the height of the workpiece will become limited.
The height of workpiece, the height of laser rotary, and the focal length of F-theta lens, the cumulative height of the three should be less than or equal to the height of the column.

3.Workpiece diameter

The chuck rotary needs to pay attention to the maximum diameter of workpiece, and the roller rotary needs to pay attention to the maximum length of workpiece.

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