Thanksgiving Season

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1. If you are interested in Cloudray Laser Parts and Accessorieswe recommend that you can't miss our“Black Friday Warm-up Sale" as you can directly get 10% off on all accessories It will be ended on November 13thgrab the last chance to order what you want with a discour t "A10".

2. If you are interested in Cloudray Laser Machinethe"Black Friday Sale”Which Starts from No ovember 10th to November 25th will be your best choice.It will be the lowest price ever on Cloudray.

3. If you miss the "Black Friday Sale"alreadyand want to get the best discount both on laser m hachines and accessories"Cyber Mondaycan also meet your requirements.From November 26th to November 30thwith Only 5 Days a Limited Offer,you can get"X%" off fo or all products.To be expected

4.What's moreto thank all customers supportwe also offer Christmas Sale for the whole mo nth, together with our Christmas Gifts to show our best wishes

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