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More than 30,000 people have now died of the virus worldwide, with more than 685,000 cases. Our current global situation is no joke. It's a serious matter.

The international community needs to better consolidate efforts and transcend all possible differences to jointly fight the novel coronavirus pandemic - a common enemy facing all mankind, speakers at the latest edition of Vision China said.

Leading health experts from the Centers for Disease Control (CDC) and the World Health Organization (WHO) have made it clear that minimizing the impact of coronavirus means lessening transmission by staying home.

We should keep contact outside their own household to an absolute minimum and to ensure a distance of at least 1.5m from another person when in public. For people who thrive off social interaction, the practice can be troubling.

“A lack of physical proximity shouldn’t mean a lack of socializing.” Dr. Rosmarin, founder and director of the New York Anxiety Center and an assistant professor at Harvard Medical School. "Social distancing does not mean social isolation,” he says. “We can use electronic means to connect to each other.”

Call or conference people you know personally, one-on-one. Playing online games or other virtual activities can also help you maintain feelings of remaining connected when avoiding in-person visits.

📑In addition, some tips on good hygiene

Pay attention to personal protection measures, such as wearing masks, washing hands and ventilating properly. This reflects the kind of good hygiene and other protective measures practiced by thousands of people in China.

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I am confident that, thanks to all the measure taken, the situatiom will come back to normal!

Please take care and be safe🙏🙏🙏


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