Common Problems of CO2 Laser Power and Trouble Shooting


CO2 laser machine is widely applied into laser engraving and cutting. It mainly consists of luminous system, motion system and control system. Today, we introduce the judgment and elimination of CO2 laser power problems.

1. Laser head does not emit light when working

First situation, check whether the laser tube itself emits light (examine it in the laser tube light outlet). If the light is normally emitted normally, check whether the lens is damaged and the optical path is deflected.

Second situation, the light outlet of the laser tube has no light, check whether the water circulation is normal (see if the water flow of the pipe is smooth).

Third situation, water circulation is normal, check whether the laser power indicator is on and the fan is rotating. If the light is off, the fan does not rotate, first check whether the AC input 220V or 110V is normal.

Fourth situation, when the laser power supply 220V or 110V AC input is normal, first unplug the 6-wire green control line terminal on the laser power supply, and press "TEST" to manually emit light.

❶ If it can emit light normally, it means that the laser tube and power supply are normal. The problem is on the control line. Plug in the 6-wire green terminal control line and short-circuit the WP and G. If it emits light, it means that the water protection switch is broken; if it does not emit light, then short-circuit TL and G to see if there is light.

❷ If the light cannot be emitted or the light is weak, it means that the laser power supply or the laser tube is broken. If there is a reserved laser power supply, or a dual-head machine, or more than 2 laser machines, you can replace the normal laser power supply to rule out whether it is a laser power supply problem.

It is very important to reserve a laser power supply. If the problem appears, it does not affect production, and is convenient to find and troubleshoot.

2. The output light becomes weak and the intensity is not enough

Step one, Check the working light intensity, speed, water temperature. If the light intensity is not enough, speed is too fast, and the water temperature is too high, may cause light becomes weak.

Step two, accurately test the current of the laser power supply (the 6-wire green terminal is not connected).

Connect a 50mA ammeter in series with the negative pole of the laser power supply.

❶ 50% power output, press "TEST" or short circuit "TL" + "WP "+"G".

100% power output, short circuit "TL" + "WP"+"G" and short circuit"IN"+"5V"

Note: If the above problems do not exist, please contact our company for after-sales consultation and treatment.


  • Warren

    Hi. I have a cloudray 50w power supply.
    It has been running perfectly for about a year. But now o notice that when it is standing still without any programs running it starts firing intermittently.
    I ran some tests and the fault is deffinately at the power supply.
    Has anyone else experienced this?

  • Ammar Hamzeh

    Thank you for the valuable information mentioned above , but i have a question:
    I have a fractional laser and it has no power output. I checked power supply and it is ok.
    I need to know how to check the co2 tube before replacement.
    Best regards .

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