Common faults of fiber laser marking machine driver installation

The correct installation of JCZ software and drivers is very important to successfully using of the laser marking machine.

Next, I will explain how to install JCZ software and drivers.

Installation Instructions

      1.Turn off the computer housekeeper, anti-virus software or similar software(In case of file loss);

      2.Copy the files in the U disk to the computer disk;

      3.Connect the computer and the marking machine with a USB cable;

      4.Install the USB driver (refer to the video);

       5.Send EZCad to the desktop shortcut.

*Reminder: The compressed file in the U disk is a backup file, which can be decompressed and used when the original folder is damaged.

For the following problems, you can solve them by uninstalling and reinstalling the driver (if not successful, please contact cloudray)

1.The software prompts a yellow exclamation mark

2.Driver - "Failed to open lmc device" error message appears

3.Driver - ""error code 52"" error message appears

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