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About return wrong items, As long as the。。。 is not damaged, no stains.

It will not affect us sale again, you can pack it well and return back to us.

We will check it after received the goods. If there is no problem, we will refund you immediately.

However, since it is not the product problem, please note that the shipping cost and taxes(including the taxes on ourside ) should be paid by yourside.

As you know, we are in China. Actually the shipping cost for returning may be equal to or higher than the price of the prodcut itself.

If your order has been successfully shipped,then you can view your tracking information here .


Ship from CN: Taxes may apply for imported goods/services and is regulated by the country law. Cloudray Laser Store is not responsible for any tax invoice charged on its products. Shipping rates are estimates and may depend on different policies and tax rates applied per country. Please contact local customs for clarity and information.

Tax laws for selling to EU member countries changed on July 1, 2021, orders equal to or less than 150 EUR have VAT applied to them, and orders greater than 150 EUR have import VAT and duties applied.

For European Union, orders equal to or less than 150 EUR at checkout, as merchant, we will collect VAT on orders, and our customers don't pay taxes upon delivery. If orders over than 150 EUR,  as merchant, we do not charge you any VAT, you local Customs will charge you import VAT and duties when parcel arrive in your country.

The UK VAT laws that came into force on January 1, 2021 result in new VAT requirements for sales equal to or less than 135 GBP.

For United Kingdom, If the sale of goods is equal to or less than 135 GBP, In this case, VAT is collected at the point of sale and remitted by the merchant. If the sale of goods is over 135 GBP, In this case, VAT and duties are remitted by the importer.

Ship from US / DE / UK: The price includes VAT tax. Tax does not need to be paid separately. 

Your order can be cancelled/changed before it is shipped. Once your order has been shipped, you will receive a shipping information email. In this case, you may simply return any unwanted items by following our Return Instructions after you receive it within 30 days upon delivery.

For expedited assistance, please contact our Customer Care Team via E-mail within 3 hours after order was placed.


------Payment failed: 80022:Not Sufficient Funds

It usually happens when cardholder send up to $1000 in a single transaction. (This amount can vary, though, depending on your currency.)

In this case, would you please recheck with your bank or financial staff?


------Payment failed: 80097:Transaction Declined

It usually happens when cardholder Fail to Pass 3D Authorized Service.

In this case, please try to confirm card number and 3D verification are correct and then re-pay.


------Payment failed: 10000: Payment is declined

It usually happens when the bank security alarms are triggered, then our bank may determine this order is high risk, so they refused.

Could you please provide the credit card Numbers ( first six and last four digits)?Or passport, driving licence?

Cloudray will offer your informat to our bank, so that our bank add you to white list of acceptable customers.


------Payment failed: 80010:Transaction Do Not Honour

It usually happens when the bank security alarms are triggered, then your bank may determine this order is high risk, so they refused.

The following takes place:

1. Related to overseas consumption, in order to ensure the security of the cardholder’s credit card, the bank will refuse to process overseas consumption. Or set by the customers himself.

2. The buyer has set a limit on the amount of online purchases, so the payment fails.


If the above problem is not resolved, you can pay via Paypal.

Bank Account (Paypal)  

Step 1:Create an account on the Paypal or Afterpay website.
Step 2:After clicking “Complete order”, you will be redirected to Paypal/Afterpay to complete your purchase securely.
Step 3:Select "REMEMBER ME" to save your information for a faster checkout. 


1.CO2 Engraving and Cutting 

2.Fiber Laser Cutting    

3.Laser Marking                          

4.Laser Machine                        

5.Stepper Motors and Drivers    

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